Indoor Plants

At Plant Concepts we believe 110% that live plants will make any space in any business attractive. Using plants in the great indoors has proven to boost morale, productivity and clean the air for a healthier green setting. We offer a complete interior landscaping service from initial consultation straight through to the ongoing maintenance that enhances your workplace year after year. Show your corporate colors and brand yourself with tropical plants in distinctive planters not forgetting the flowering plant for the reception desk!

Incorporating plants for restaurants in the décor elevates the level of dining.

Consumers are known to stay longer and visit more frequent to restaurants with trees and plants
  Plants work as effective screens to define spaces
  Vibrant colors and lush greens are a healthy approach for a relaxing atmosphere
Attractive living herb walls can be used to provide fresh ingredients 


It’s more than just improving the aesthetics. Plants for the office help lead to a reduction in absenteeism and staff sickness.

A study has proven that 97% of employees felt healthier and better motivated when working in areas with plants (Dr. Lohr, University of Washington). Enliven your space with indoor plants and there will be a great return on your investment!

Free Plant Replacement Guarantee

Hotel plants offer many advantages. Allow Plant Concepts to assist you in captivating your guests with an elegant and welcoming reception!

Sophisticated modern outdoor container plantings for the entrance and patio
Soften your lobby with welcoming tropical plants
A pop of color at the check-in desk with our orchid rotations gives a sense of luxury and style
Compliment your pool areas and conference rooms for special events
Year round maintenance programs that keep your facility looking in peak condition